Summer Whites

If there is one thing that I need more in my wardrobe it would be tops. Even though many lines make petite blouses, they still won't fit me right. While I have a petite frame I also have a long torso, and the petite xxs tops will be too short. I was so excited when I went to the Chicute Anniversary sale, and found this Vince Camuto petite top that fits me like a glove (wearing pxs). When shopping the sale I will usually default to buying dresses because I know I can alter them to ft me perfectly. It honestly took some major will power to keep my focus (ok maybe I did buy a dress or two), and stay on track to find blouses. I was so pleased with everything that I got from the sale, and was so surprised how much money I saved!
I can't wait for the weather to cool down to wear some of my new Fall clothes from the sale :)
Did you shop the sale, and what was your favorite purchase ? :)

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