Summer Soiree Sundress in Santorini

I’m so excited to share all of my travel recs for Santorini (FULL GUIDE COMING SOON)! Its a place that’s been on my bucket list for a while now, and since my family is Greek I was ready for a summer trip back to the "Motherland". One of the most mesmerizing things about this island is how blue the water is! We stayed in Oía, known as the most picturesque part of the island, and every view definitely didn’t disappoint! There are tons of tourists so prepare yourself… but it’s beauty rightfully attracts lots of visitors come summertime. After Mykonos, it ended up being the ideal amount of sightseeing + R&R. We soaked in a lot of pool time, took a catamaran tour with Caldera Yachting, and spent a portion of each day roaming about Oía’s beautiful, quaint town!
This Joie dress was practically made for Santorini’s setting. I intentionally packed lots of white and blues for this trip, but have yet to come across a dress with a hue as beautiful as this! There’s a lot of walking, a lot of cobblestoned steps, so the breezy hemline paired with stark white sandals paired perfectly with the palette of the island! I know a lot of my friends are off to summer weddings too & this breezy dress would be just as appropriate for a summer soiree! Unlike most "blogger" photos you can probably get an idea of the amount of tourists from some of these pics. If you’re trying to avoid them, head into town before 4-5, otherwise slow down your pace, prepare for a leisurely agenda and enjoy popping in and out of Santorini’s local shops, open from morning until around midnight!
**If you’re heading to Santorini over the summer and needing some advice on what to pack, I’d definitely bring flat comfortable shoes (something with grip if you plan on walking down the steps!), lot’s of blue and whites to embrace Santorini’s colors, super flowy textures- think sundresses, light blouses, two piece sets, airy skirts, and versatile, layer-able accessories, which you can also find and buy at the shops in Oía!