Summer Pastels

I love wearing pastels pretty much all year long, but especially during the summer.  Why? Well, yeah the colors are 'summery' but they also look pretty darn good with a tan.  If y'all think I'm tan up there, you. just. wait.  In the summer, I get so tan that I'm surprised people recognize me {kidding}.  It has been like that ever since I was little though.  There would be those pictures of me as a kiddo in the pool with some of my friends and I was the darkest one--regardless of race.  Seriously.  It's a talent of mine, what can I say?  
However, my skin has a habit of peeling around my sports bra when I work out {because the skin rubs against it} and so there are times where my chest is looking pretty splotchy.  The best way for me to even it out is to go to Sun Tan City {c'mon, y'all knew that was comin'}.  To be honest, it always frustrated me when I would stroll into STC and have to sit and wait for thirty minutes, so finally there's an uh-mazing solution.  This month, STC is launching MySunTanCity, which is an exclusive online account management tool that's designed specifically for you.  There's even a MySunTanCity App! {You know it's real when there's an app.}  It will keep track of all of your recent activity and store it in your account.  It also allows you to select a salon, check yourself into a piece of equipment {UV or sunless}, choose any add-ons, AND hold a place in tanning line.
Please, don't all gasp at once.  So, finally, you {and I} don't have to wait in line at the store, but can instead wait in line while you're shopping at the Target next door...or you could just show up at the appropriate time, that too.  But, might as well use an excuse to shop at Target.  

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