Summer Essentials

 Bag: Balenciaga | Shoes: Valentino | Ring: YSL | Watch: Rolex Tudor | Blazer: Theory | Shorts: Vintage Levis | Striped Tee: H&M
I'm a big believer in having a uniform. The type of outfit that requires little thought, can easily get you out the door when you don't have much time, and that speaks of your personal style, without having to say a word. Today, I teamed up with one of my favorite sites for pre-owned luxury goods,   Vestiaire Collective, to bring to you my summer life essentials.
I'll start with my favorite of any outfit, (obviously) the accessories. I got this Balenciaga Papier a few years back and it remains one of my favorites from my handbag collection. One thing about New Yorkers, our handbag is like our car and our entire life goes into it. On some days I can get away with a smaller bag, but there are days when I need to carry my life. Balenciagas are my favorite for that purpose. They're incredibly durable, light-weight, buttery, while still being chic. Vestiaire has an excellent selection of Balenciaga bags, including this style in anthracite and a beautiful smaller version light grey.
Next up is the shoes. Yes, I'm typically a high-heels girl, but I do also wear flats a lot more than I show. It's only in the last few years that my flats became so much more than just a commuting (read: not cute) shoe that I quickly changed in and out of. These days, I have a few pairs that I love almost as much as my high heels. While I don't necessarily LOVE the Valentino Rockstud heels, I do love their flats and Vestiaire has so many great options including these, these & these.
Lastly in the accessories department, the jewelry and watch. I usually like to stick to 1-2 statement pieces and today it's my dads vintage Rolex Tudor Submariner and a YSL ring that my best friends gave me a few birthdays back.
And as far as the outfit goes, a striped tee, a black boyfriend blazer (for layering in overly air conditioned situations) and denim cutoffs. Requires little thought and I'm out the door.
Photos by Keith Hodne
xo, Helena

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