Summer capsule favorite: white dresses.

It’s been several years since I shifted the way I built my closet from wherever the wind blew me, to a less, but better capsule. Switching to a less but better approach had a massive effect on not just the ease and joy I feel getting dressed, but also on the effectiveness of my days. The great thing about focusing on a less, but better approach is that you learn really quickly the MVP pieces for your closet; the ones you’ll actually end up wearing over and over again. One of my favorite summer capsule pieces is the white dress. There are so many ways to style a white dress in the summer and they’re a classic so you can keep wearing them over and over again year after year.
Today I rounded up a bunch of great white dresses and am sharing a few easy ways to style them for summer. There are great options in every price range, from under $30 to mid-100’s. I don’t mind spending a bit more on a capsule piece I know I’ll wear over and over again, and I recommend investing in quality for pieces you’ll want to wear season after season. I hope you enjoy!