One of my favorite pieces this season finally making its debut!
         | June 28, 2022
Hey there guys, I have been so busy I'm so sorry for that! We are currently planning a lot of exciting things for the upcoming period.. You'll see more of that later of course, stay tuned! It was my 22nd birthday exactly a week ago and in all the hectic going on around us lately I haven't even been able to celebrate it properly. My boyfriend promised me that he would take me somewhere for a belate-birthday surprise.. How sweet! I have no idea when, how or where so it got me pretty excited about it (:
So here is one of the outfits that I wore last week. For the first time this year I can finally say that the weather is really good over here in the Netherlands! Still a bit windy though, hence the coat and the messy hair .
Suede is such a big trend this season and when I saw this coat a few months ago I was sold in an instant. But in the meantime it's been hanging in my closet ever since - I just didn't got a chance to wear it! Well, it finally made its debut and as we speak it's also hanging in the sale rackets with a really pretty discount tag..
Happy Sunday!

Get the look: