Stylish Sun Protection

Joe Fresh fatigue jacket layering with a fatigue style jacket Marc Fisher Ltd. Adalyn wedges Celine tortoise sunglasses SummerSkin midi knee navy dress Bauble Bar bold beaded strands Bauble bar teal beaded necklace SummerSkin UPF knee dress Coach Saddle Bag with personalization Layered teal beaded necklace, fatigue Joe Fresh jacket
Summer is officially here, so protecting my skin against the sun’s harmful UV rays is extremely important, not just via sunscreen but also via stylish clothing options. Enter this adorable and super versatile midi knee dress by SummerSkin.
I know I’ve harped on it again and again, but the importance of taking care of your skin against skin damage is next to none. I had heard about skin protective clothing in the past, but always thought it looked just that; lacking in style and wearability outside of a beach or pool setting.
SummerSkin offers great UPF options that protect your skin from harmful rays with the help of specially formulated with sun protective fiber blends that are never dyed with harmful chemicals. Bamboo is a natural fiber that can be mixed with cotton or spandex for tightly woven materials that offer better protection.
Did you know that a regular t-shirt offers on average about 5+ UPF protection and allows some 20% of harmful UV rays to pass through the fabric fibers, in turn exposing your skin to the sun even though you think you’re covered! On the contrary, SummerSkin fabrics block up to 98% of the sun’s harmful rays.
Of course, I don’t recommend completely ditching your sunscreen routine, however SummerSkin’s great clothing options do help to protect against the UV rays. I love this navy knee midi as it’s super practical for my current lifestyle. It’s comfortable for long days spent working at my desk or running around to meetings and errands.
I’ve already found myself wearing it to the pool; tossing over my fatigue jacket for lunch with friends; pairing it with a silk scarf and some wedges for a more dressed up look.
A few other options from SummerSkin that I love: Perfect Chambray shirt dress; the Lovely Cardigan; or the oversized Milan hat.

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