Stripes & Leopard

Happy *Thursday* you guys – we are almost to the weekend (we can make it!!). I wanted to share this casual outfit with you guys because this striped sweatshirt dress is THE perfect piece to transition into fall. It’s made of a sweatshirt material so it’s super comfortable AND you can wear a normal bra with it! (Side note: Is anyone else sick of wearing sticky bras? They’re all I wear in the summer and I’m so over it lol) In the summer I wear this dress with sandals and a tote bag, but for fall I’m really loving it with a hat and leopard slip-ons.
Also wanted to quickly share this reusable Starbucks cup! I’m trying to reduce my plastic use, and I love how this one looks just like their regular cups. The hardest part is just remembering to put it back in your car once you’ve washed it (although once you get in the habit of doing that, it’s easy). I swear that whenever I’ve taken it to Starbucks, it seems like the barista gives me extra coffee and less ice. Anyway, just wanted to share!

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