Striped safari.

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Skirt: JCrew Factory. Top: Sheinside. (c/o) Bag: Kate Spade. (on sale!) Shoes: Nordstrom. Belt: Target.  Hat: JCrew.  Necklace: Loft. (similar)
Have you bought yourself your summer chambray yet?  Consider this your wake-up call.  And I’ve got the perfect one for you, at under $20 no less…
This is totally the kind of outfit I wouldn’t have even thought of a few years ago, let alone had the chutzpah to actually wear, (I mean, leopard pumps? Come on now.)  but that’s what’s so great about playing with your clothes, it becomes it’s own kind of creative expression.
And yesterday I really  wanted to express the "nautical safari guide" vibe.  Apparently.
This is what I love about being in my 30’s.  I wear what I like, and I like who I am.  I could give a rat’s arse what people say about me, especially on the internet.  In fact, I’m not sure if they say anything at all.  I stopped looking/caring a long time ago.  Because it doesn’t matter.  And when I say it doesn’t matter, I mean, at all.
I’m not really sure why I’m even writing this, but I wish someone would have been able to impart this golden nugget of wisdom on me around 2012.  It would have saved me a whole lot of heartache worrying about people I didn’t know, who happened to not like me.  Why did that matter to me then?  Why did I want to try to convince them that they were wrong about me?  It didn’t matter.
And I wish I had known that a long time ago.
I wish I would have known all this in my 20’s.  That I would have just liked myself, been patient with my flaws, understood who I really was, and not worried so much.  What a gift mother nature and father time are.  They don’t discriminate, we all move along with them, and if we let them they can teach us quite a lot.
There you have it.  Deep thoughts for a Thursday.

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