Status Update

Casual Poplin Dress I wit & whimsy
I am beyond relieved to have my move behind me. I have a mountain of to dos to still accomplish and furniture to buy and organizing to do and unpacking to finish but at least one part of the hard parts is done.
Casual Poplin Dress I wit & whimsy
Truth be told the last couple of weeks nearly broke me. In a virtual consult with my doctor recently she reminded me how stressful moves are and how they can deeply affect your mental wellness. I was feeling that so much. My headaches were so intense, I wasn’t able to workout, my meditation wasn’t helping, my anxiety was in overdrive and I wasn’t sleeping. I cried more than I care to admit. The move just compounded the other stress I’ve been feeling. Stress of not seeing my best friends and family, stress of dealing with website technical issues for over a week, stress of feeling stuck in NYC, stress of my mental health waning, stress from work. I could go on and on.
I know so many of us are feeling this and I’m definitely right there with you. 2020 has truly been a long slog. I think the fact that there doesn’t seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel has made all the uncertainty we’ve been feeling for so long, so much more intense of late.
I’m doing my best to be rigorous with my self care and I’m being open with friends about where I am at. I’m hopeful to take some time off early September, too as I think I desperately need to unplug. I am undoubtedly feeling burnout.
I was so grateful the past few days to have some amazing support from friends who helped to lift some of the burdens off of me. I’m starting this week extra grateful for them and ready to move forward in making my new space feel like home.
You guys know I try and keep it positive around these parts but also  I keep it real. I thought I’d give you a little status update on how I’ve been feeling. As you guys know, I so appreciate you being here and am sending you each a virtual hug. xx
ASOS Dress (size 8) // Sezane Bag (c/o) // Sneakers