Spring favorites.

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Over the weekend, my husband read that this is the wettest winter in Seattle history.  Or at least since they started recording it.  THE WETTEST IN HISTORY!  I’ve got to admit, I feel a little validated.  I’ve felt a little gloomy the last few weeks; the weather has really been getting to me.  I thought I was getting weak, because usually I’m pretty much fine, even with Seattle’s tendency towards gloomy weather.  But this year, oh boy it has felt oppressive.
Yesterday after church, it stopped raining and the clouds cleared up a bit, so we let the kids ride their bikes around our court for a couple hours.  Cabin fever had set in, in the worst way and a little fresh air, and partly cloudy skies were just what the doctor ordered, even if I was freezing the entire time…
It really is starting to feel a little like spring though, and I couldn’t be happier.  I’m always so happy to bid farewell to the hot weather in the fall, but come spring, I am begging for sunshine and warmer days again.  In the spring I love wearing pastels.  And my favorite spring color is a pretty soft pink.  I love that it pairs so well with dark and light colors, and today I paired it with my favorite new white pants.
Even if there’s rain in our forecast, I’m going to will it to be spring.
(This sweater is 50% off today, making it $25, and these jeans are under $70 and the most comfortable pants ever.)
white denim pink sweater