Spring capsule dresses.

I don’t care if I am going nowhere for the foreseeable future, I’m building my spring capsule as if I am.  Today, let’s talk about one of my favorite spring capsule pieces: dresses!  Dresses are one of my favorite things to incorporate into a spring and summer capsule because not only do they make me feel like a million bucks, but they’re an instant easy outfit and they can be styled so many fun ways.
I’ve always kind of shied away from maxi length dresses, being a petite, but in the last few months I’ve found several great options that work for me, and I am a total convert to the length now.  They’re just so relaxing to wear, easy to style and have a fun casual vibe.  Madewell has been my go-to for dresses this season and this gorgeous Swiss dot maxi is my newest addition.
I featured this dress in red on in last week’s Madewell try-on and when I saw it in white, I knew I had to add it to my closet.  A great white dress is a spring/summer staple and I love the subtle details on this one, from the tiered skirt to the bows on the sleeves, to the gorgeous fabric.
So let’s talk about what makes a great capsule dress, shall we?
To me, there are a few things I look for in a great capsule dress.
1. I need to be able to wear it in multiple situations.  I should be able to dress it up or down.  If I can wear it around the house, to church, or out on a date, it’s a winner.  And I need to be able to style it with flats or heels as well.
2. It needs to fit my style and lifestyle.  I Love dresses with a capital L, which means I think so many dresses are gorgeous and I would want them hanging in my closet, but that doesn’t mean that I would actually end up wearing them or that they would serve me.  It’s so important to choose clothes for your capsule that align with your true style; what you actually wear.  I’ve found that most people who don’t have an intentionally built wardrobe struggle with this.  Just because you think something’s pretty doesn’t mean it’s your style.  Make sure you are choosing capsule pieces that align with your true style and are something you can/will actually wear.  If you aren’t sure what your personal style is, or how to find it, my style course is a great resource for helping you pin-point your style and building an intentional wardrobe and a capsule foundation that serves you. (use code: PLANNER100 to take $100 off the price of the course!)
3. I need to be able to think of several ways I can style it with pieces I already own in my closet.  In order for a new piece to earn it’s place in my closet, I have to be able to think of at least 5-6 ways I can style it with things I already own.  If I have to buy an entire new outfit in order to wear a piece I am considering, there’s a good chance that it’s not really a fit with my personal style.  By only buying things that slide seamlessly into my capsule I avoid impulse purchase regrets and I have a closet that works cohesively each day.  This makes getting ready every morning a breeze.
This sweet white Madewell dress ticks all the boxes and makes for a perfect spring-to-summer capsule dress, that I am sure I’ll keep styling through the fall.
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