Soft & Chewy Butterscotch and Oatmeal Cookies

Soft & Chewy Butterscotch and Oatmeal Cookies

A healthy spin on Butterscotch & Oatmeal cookies Healthy Butterscotch and Oatmeal cookies | Adored by AlexMmm, homemade cookies. There’s something so wonderful about that freshly baked, cookie smell that will always warm my heart, and make my tastebuds go crazy! We love sweets in our house, but lately, I’ve been playing around with ingredients to try for a healthier take. Let’s chat these soft & chewy butterscotch & oatmeal cookies because quite frankly, you need to make these!
Perhaps it’s my own personal opinion, but I feel like butterscotch is a dying flavor. I never see it anywhere, including menus and bakeries. I had to go to three different grocery stores before I could find these butterscotch chips. What gives?
Butterscotch is one of my all time favorite flavors. I remember getting it on top of ice cream as a little girl at Dairy Queen or my grandmother making homemade sundaes with Butterscotch toping. While it’s definitely an acquired taste, I’ve since converted my hubby to loving the flavor, too. I’m telling you, these cookies are that delicious.Soft & chewy Butterscotch and Oatmeal cookies | Adored by AlexButterscotch and Oatmeal Scotchies cookiesSometimes called ‘Scotchies’, these soft & chewy butterscotch and oatmeal cookies traditionally are packed with sugar, sugar, sugar.
Of course, I love sugar. But, as I mentioned above, I’ve been playing in my kitchen with swapping out traditional ingredients for healthier versions. And honestly, what’s been really fun about playing around with the ingredients is I’ve been wowed by the results. Quite frankly, I feel like things taste better (not as weighed down, or maybe this is just a placebo effect…) with the healthier ingredients.Butterscotch & Oatmeal cookies | Adored by Alex
Let’s take these soft & chewy butterscotch and oatmeal cookies, for example. I’m not reinventing the wheel on these. I didn’t even take out all the sugar, I just cut the serving amount down to 1/4 cup each, and replaced the other serving with Apple sauce.
This more natural sweetener cut out some of the heavy duty sweetness, making these butterscotch and oatmeal cookies a little more sweet & salty, than just overly sweet. That’s a win in my book!
Read on for the full recipe and details for creating these tasty treats.

Butterscotch & Oatmeal Cookies

A healthy take on delicious cookies, these Butterscotch & Oatmeal cookies are the perfect amount of sweet and salty!
  • 1 cup Butter
  • ¼ cup Brown sugar
  • ¼ cup Granulated Sugar
  • ¼ cup Water
  • 1 cup Flour
  • ¼ cup Apple sauce
  • 1 tsp Vanilla
  • ½ tsp Baking soda
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 ½ cups Old fashioned oats
  • 1 bag Butterscotch chips ((Can cut to half a bag, depending on desired sweetness))
  1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees
  2. In a large bowl, mix together apple sauce, sugars and butter until creamy
  3. Add Vanilla and water
  4. Add combined flour, baking soda, baking powder and cinnamon. Mix well
  5. Refrigerate dough for 1 hour
  6. Remove bowl of dough from fridge and drop rounded balls of dough onto a greased cooking sheet
  7. Bake 12-13 minutes, or until lightly golden brown
  8. Remove from oven and place cookies on a wire cooling rack
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