Snakeskin Accents

It was quite the gloomy/chilly day when I was wearing this outfit, so this jacket from Tobi definitely came in handy.  The color is perfect for fall, so I figured I would pair it with my new favorite jeans from Dittos {they're so comfortable!} and some snakeskin pumps from Prima Donna. If you haven't noticed, I love wearing a pair of good heels with any outfit.  It makes me feel like I can conquer the world...until my feet start to hurt.  Then, I'm just ready to call it quits.  However, I have recently discovered Sole Serum, which will actually change your life {no exaggerations here, people}.  It's the first luxury serum that targets foot pain so that you can stay in heels without being totally miserable.   It's made up of a blend of natural and active ingredients that reduces your perception of pain, reduces inflammation, and helps soothe your skin.  
Sounds almost too good to be true, right?  Well, I decided to put it to the test and applied some of this bad boy before putting on these heels.  The pumps were a bit snug, so I knew that my toes would start hating me after about an hour or so, but that hate never came.  My feet are usually pretty sensitive to wearing heels, which is ironic, because I wear them quite often.  However, this serum helped me withstand the pain for longer than I would have without it.  It also fits in your purse or clutch easily, so that you can take it on the go! Sole Serum has been featured on, Cosmo's July Issue,, and was named the "must have beauty item for Fashion Week" by Harper's Bazaar. 

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