Sleek (+ A Pregnancy Update)

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Coat: French Connection | Turtleneck: Nordstrom | Denim: Topshop | Boots: Stuart Weitzman 'All Legs..' | Sunglasses: Dior | Bag: Gucci
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I spent the weekend running some errands, including getting ready for a bunch of my girlfriends to come over for a holiday potluck. The timing was perfect as we recently got the farm table we've been waiting for, so now we're fully (well, almost) ready to entertain. I'll definitely be sharing a home update very soon!
Pregnancy Update: This Thursday, I'll be 23 weeks pregnant! It's crazy because when I wear fitted clothes, it's definitely obvious, but in certain things, I still feel like it looks like I just gained a few holiday pounds. I really don't think I've officially "popped," but what do I know.
I'm back at the gym several times a week and I'll tell you guys what, it definitely feels harder, but I'm pushing through it, without pushing myself too much. I also walk a ton, so that's definitely a huge factor in keeping myself active and in shape. In the first trimester I gained about 6 pounds and in the second roughly 5 pounds, so about 10-12lbs altogether. I'm definitely not "eating for two," but more like 300-350 extra calories a day, which is what's recommended in the second trimester. As I mentioned in my first post, it was so much harder in the first trimester because I constantly felt like I was violently hungover, so making healthy choices was the last thing I cared about. At this point, my body is back to craving the usual foods I enjoyed pre pregnancy, which certainly includes carbs for breakfast (I've always been a "I need carbs for breakfast" girl) and then loads of greens and veggies throughout the rest of my day. One will that hasn't changed, I can't go one day without having a piece of chocolate or something sweet. With the holidays being here, maybe it's been a few pieces….  I also always keep my stomach full. I eat every two hours from morning to the evening. Once 8PM rolls around and after dinner, if I'm still hungry, I might have some cereal or some veggies with hummus.
The most exciting/crazy thing of all is that I finally felt my first kick over the weekend and since then, I've been feeling it on a daily basis. Definitely makes everything so much more real.
All in all, I feel pretty great! I can still comfortably wear heels, even though I've gotten my share of comments how "It wont be long until you stop.." and I sometimes forget that I'm even pregnant. The only thing I will say, sleeping has definitely gotten a lot harder. I've always been a stomach sleeper, so now that I'm forced to be on my side, I toss and turn all night long. I  know I should order a body pillow (any recommendations?) and hopefully I'll fall into a groove, but that's my ONLY complaint.
Let me know if you guys are still interested in reading my updates and if so, I'll continue to do a Monday check-in!
xo, Helena

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