Side Braids & Beanies

As you guys know I have been stuck at home still super sick. Over the weekend I developed an ear infection, and luckily my sister in law was able to call in an antibiotic for me. Praise the Lord for having a Dr. in the family! Speaking of ear infections, isn't that something that kids just get?! #saveme #overthis
With going on a 2.5 week hiatus from normal life, I have been living at home in sweaters and beanies. When I get sick my body runs either super cold or super warm, and this time around I've been running cold. I've been layering myself up, and huddling under blankets with my little Django by my side.
Enough of my moaning and groaning about being sick I have some exciting news!! Starting next Tuesday I will actually start hosting my own fashion linkup on my blog! Help me come up with a name... I'm thinking "Getting Dressed with Jess." Ya?! Suggestions are welcome :)take on our beauty/fashion theme of the week. Each week we will pick our favorite bloggers who rocked our fashion/beauty trend the most, and feature them the following week.

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