Seasonal stripes.

boyfriend jeans and pink baseball tee
casual spring outfit pink
pink and navy casual spring outfit
pink and navy striped baseball tee
pink striped baseball tee and boyfriend jeans
pink white navy striped baseball tee_edited-1
striped baseball tee with boyfriend jeans
So Easter is in a few days… can you believe it?  Are you ready for it, because I most definitely am not.  I haven’t planned my menu, or finished all the Easter shopping.  Outfits, baskets, etc.  I’ll be ahead of the game someday, but apparently today is not that day.  So yesterday, I was at the mall trying to finish up this and that for the kid’s Easter duds and Ava and I happened upon the creepy Easter Bunny in the middle of the mall.  How any child is able to sit on the lap of some guy in a creepy giant bunny suit is beyond me, but Ava looked sideways at the spectacle and requested the sucker without posing for a picture with the giant cotton-tail.  I can’t say that I minded.   I was looking sideways myself.
Spring always makes me feel so excited to wear pretty pastels (soft pinks and blue) and stripes.  I pull out my pink heels probably more often than any other pair in my closet, especially this time of year.  Who knew that color would be so fun and also so versatile?  Speaking of fun, this top you guys.  A pink and white and navy striped baseball top, are you kidding me?  It’s an instant favorite.  I couldn’t pair more of my favorites in one piece if I tried, and I can’t wait to wear it all spring and summer and it is so soft and comfy and drapey.  Yes, please.
striped pink baseball tee_edited-1