Road trip from Cali to Las Vegas

Road tripping has always been a favorite of mine. When I was younger, my parents would plan one road trip a year for us to do together, as a little family getaway. We has the chance to explore different places in Canada and north of the United states while driving through new roads and states. I would always bring books (lots of them), snacks, my pillow and some sort of disposable camera to snap souvenirs.
This time, things were a little different, but not so much. We drove, my friend Hailley and I, from Laguna Beach (her home town) to Las Vegas for Project show. We had a film camera, music and my influenza which was at its peek. Thankfully, we still managed to create amazing content that I will forever keep as a souvenir of this drive, that was magical, and of my will power of taking photos while having super high fever. Mind over matter really is a thing.
I was highly inspired to wear suits in the desert after seeing a handful of amazing photos via Garmentory of models wearing full white and pink suits in the sand. I decided to keep the Lilac one for golden hour, since I knew it would create a dramatic effect if we could catch the exact moment when the sky becomes cotton candy pastel.
And we did, thankfully.