This buffalo plaid vest is finally back in stock and on sale so if you haven't snagged one yet, now's your chance! I know I kind of have a vest obsession--especially vests from J.Crew...and I'm not going to lie, I've regretted some of the colors that I have picked out.   This is definitely not one of them.  It seems as though I can wear it with everything.  I love puffer vests with a pattern more than a solid color, because it gives the outfit more of a kick.   This buffalo plaid vest, along with my herringbone vest, are probably my two favorites {if you couldn't tell--it seems like I wear those two all the time!}.   This sweater is also so so comfortable and I love snagging clothes from J.Crew Factory because they always run their items with such great deals.  Pairing some stripes with buffalo plaid can do no harm!
Also, I ordered my bean boots 'off season' so that they wouldn't be backordered.  I think there's a slight backorder on them still, but I don't believe it's as bad of a wait as it was back in October.  If you've been interested in purchasing some, I would take a look at it over here! I wear mine frequently!
Have a great hump day!