Puff Sleeves Take Two

Puff Sleeves Take Two by Kathrine Eldridge, Wardrobe Stylist
This turtleneck was not worn very much after receiving it from Nuuly. I decided to make an effort and find ways to make it work. I first came up with this look from last week. Another outfit came to mind so here is puff sleeves take two!
A chic winter look which features a turtleneck layered over a black dress. Dressing up a winter look with a snakeskin waist belt, a Chanel cuff, and a Chanel bag. Layering a puff sleeve turtleneck over a little black dress. Styling a burgundy puff sleeve turtleneck over a little black dress and adding black knee boots.

Creative Winter Layering

After pairing this puff sleeve turtleneck with my pleated skirt in last week’s post, I thought that I could use a dress as a skirt as well. I looked though my closet and found this spring/summer LBD. (It’s a sleeveless dress so it wasn’t too bulky.) I loved the unique texture of it and layering a turtleneck over it gave me plenty of warmth. The addition of fishnets and knee boots completed my winter layering.
After throwing the puff sleeve turtleneck over the dress, I realized that the outfit needed something a little different. I didn’t want it to look like last week’s post. The snakeskin belt was a purchase for a look that I ended up not wearing. I was so happy to find a new use for it. It adds an edgy vibe that’s right up my alley. What do you think of my creative winter layering?
Have a terrific week! XO

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