Pretty in Pink Leopard

Pretty in Pink Leopard by Kathrine Eldridge, Wardrobe Stylist
I’m pretty in pink leopard with this new mini skirt from Amazon. I was asked to review this item and I loved it so much that I decided to share it here on the blog. Read on to get the scoop on this inexpensive summer find.
Styling a black tank with a pink leopard mini skirt. Runant Ruffle Wrap Mini Skirt in Pink Leopard A casual summer look featuring a printed mini skirt paired with a black tank and slides. Keeping cool this summer in a cute ruffle pink leopard mini skirt.

Inexpensive Wrap Skirt from Amazon

I decided to review this skirt for Amazon because I loved the wrap detail. Any piece of clothing with this detail helps create a small waist silhouette. The ruffles and pink leopard print were the icing on the cake. The fabric is a mixture of polyester and cotton so it’s easy to stay cool in. It’s also easy to take care of. I have washed this skirt several times and let it air dry and it has kept it shape and color beautifully.
Now the best part of this cute skirt is the price. It comes in three different prints and is under $20. The only thing that might stop you is the length of the skirt. It might be too short for some women but if you pair it with flat sandals like I did you should be fine.

Heading to College

Today is the day that we are taking my son Evan to college. I know I’ve discussed this emotional milestone to death so I won’t go there again. I’m just so proud of him and excited to see how he blossoms on this new journey. He did become an Eagle Scout this past Tuesday so that was a really nice send off for him. I would appreciate your prayers for a smooth move in at Indiana University. I ask that God guide him and protect while he is away. (He has to come back November 20! Lol!) Thank you for all your support my friends.
Have a blessed and peaceful weekend! XO

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