Prep in Your Step

If only you knew what Andrew and I went through to snap these photos.  We stopped by Farmington historic home to take some quick pictures and the sun was at the perfect spot in the sky {oh hey, golden hour}.  So, I'm struttin' my stuff and he's snapping away, until I feel a tickle on my arm.  When I look down, my body is covered in gnats.  I'm honestly not exaggerating--they swarmed us.  I {of course} freak out, run away, slapping myself and shaking my body convulsively and then immediately getting into the car {while shutting all doors and windows}.  I even made Andrew take off his shirt and make sure all of those nasty critters were gone {seeing his abs were a perk}.  The fact that any of these pictures turned out decent is nothing short of a miracle because we couldn't stand still for more than a couple seconds.  There was a wedding reception going on at the other side of the house, so if they had a similar gnat problem then that was probably tragic.  
Moral of the story: I won't be going back there for a shoot until spring is over.  Yikes.

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