Posh Pair and J Petite Link-Up: Leather

Today I have the pleasure of co-hosting my first link up with Christina from the blog Posh Pair. Fall is here, and the department stores are filling up with one of my favorite things....LEATHER! When I   moved to AZ last year, I lived in my leather jacket. While the temps are still in the 90s (hardly jacket season), I primarily live in an 70 degree air conditioned environment, and can pull off wearing a jacket indoors. The dress I have on is light enough that when I go outside, I can ditch the jacket, and live kind of comfortably : / While in my mind I know that it should be sweater weather, I stare a my boxes filled with my fall apparel, and can't bare to pull them out. In order to stay on fall trend, I opt for light weight pieces that I can layer.

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