Pleated Lavender Midi Dress

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Good morning, y’all. Happy start to a fresh week, and a holiday weekend in sight! I’ve always loved the color lilac, and love that I’m seeing it even more with this year’s Pantone color of the year being Ultra Violet. I simply couldn’t resist this gorgeous pleated lavender midi dress for spring and summer occasions, and for its feminine feel.  Dress (also on Rent the Runway) // Heels // Clutch // Earrings // Lucy’s sweater
Some of my favorite dresses feature feminine and romantic details. The pleating of the chiffon skirt is just the perfect detail and even more perfect for twirling!
Yes, this dress has a steep price tag, but I found it for rental on Rent the Runway (see above for link), and after seeing the details in-person and how it fit, I’d definitely say it’s worth the purchase price.
Who watched the Royal Wedding? I really didn’t have any major plans to do so, but didn’t sleep well and found myself waking up every few hours Saturday morning. I figured if there was ever a morning I wouldn’t be as peeved to be up at 5am on a weekend, it was Saturday.
I remember tuning into Kate and William’s royal wedding back in college, when I lived in the sorority house, but honestly I didn’t find it memorable. However, perhaps its Meghan’s true cinderella story that hooked me… plus I loved her wedding dress. I know there are a lot of haters on it, and yes it needed to be tailored and fitted in the bodice better, but I thought it was timeless and conservative in all the right places. Y’all she married into royalty (let’s keep things conservative!) and she did really look like a princess. It was truly perfect for the occasion.
But even better was her second dress for the day. That Stella McCartney halter number was an absolute knockout, and I’ve set myself on a mission to find one similar for myself.
I truly thought their wedding was so beautiful and I loved the modern touches. The music was so stunning and the 19-year-old cellist knocked it out of the park! I’ve been stalking the Kensington Royal Instagram and Kensington Palace Twitter accounts ever since for updates, because I may or may not have become even more enamored with the British monarchy than I already am. Are there any The Crown fans out there? So good!

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