Pink Petals Dress

Okay, so it was honestly so windy when we went out and shot this outfit. I knew it was a windy day, but wearing a swing dress + major wind does not equal good things. I actually have some really funny bloopers that maybe one day I’ll share in a bloopers post! This pink petals dress is one of my favorite things ever. It’s really light and so flattering. Like I’ve said a million times… it’s so hot out that I need comfortable and light clothing! This dress is perfect for that. It’s a little pricier {$80}, but I promise it’s worth the splurge. It goes with so much and I’ve already worn it several times since I got it last week. I actually just had to put it in the hamper because I noticed I had been wearing it with a dirt stain on it… oops!
MINKPINK really has amazing summer finds and at reasonable prices. I wanted to incorporate some more colors, and since I’ve been on a Kendra Scott binge, I brought out my favorite earrings {yet again}. I just bought them in several more colors because they’re light and can bring life to any outfit! If you’re having any doubts as to what color to get, I suggest either the rose quartz, slate or ivory pearl to start off with! They’re great neutrals and you’ll really get good use out of them.
Oh… I’m finally on summer vacay! I’m so happy. Now it’s time to focus on the blog, family, work and fun stuff like traveling! Something I’ve been wanting to do for a while but haven’t been able to, thanks to school, is give you guys a few facts about me! Maybe you’re newer to the blog, or you just know nothing about me except that I write way too much per post {sorry guys, I love to write} but I figured I’d let you know some fun facts about me!
1. I’m deathly afraid of cockroaches. Once I was babysitting and I actually jumped onto the couch and started crying and made the 9-year-old put a hat over the roach because I was about to run out of the house. I promise I’m a good babysitter… minus the roaches.
2. I still sleep with my stuffed clown {yes, I actually hate clowns, but this one is a nice one… I promise!} and I sleep with my kid’s bible that I’ve had forever under my pillow. It puts me at ease!
3. I’m obsessed with my parents. They’re the best people on this planet. My dad is actually my photographer and my mom is the assistant/driver/site director and we spend every Sunday going around shooting outfits. I’m so blessed!
4. I don’t have many friends. Well, scratch that. I don’t have many friends in Miami. I plan to move after graduation… either Austin, TX or Charlotte, NC.
5. I hate hurting people’s feelings. But unhealthily hate it. Like I will avoid it at all costs, no matter what.
6. I have one older sister and then I have my boss, who is basically my other adopted older sister. She’s actually the owner of Taudrey Jewelry.
7. I have a really sharp memory when it comes to remembering things from years ago, but I can’t memorize things for tests… it drives me nuts!
8. I go to Nordstrom at least 3 times a week…normal?
9. I suffer from anxiety and depression {so, if you do too, you’re not alone!} Blogging has really helped me put everything into perspective and kind of in a way ‘saved me’ by really helping me feel important in some way.
10. At the end of each sentence when I’m shopping with my mom or looking online, I’ll say ‘for my apartment.’ Mind you, I don’t have an apartment, much less need anything for an apartment I do not own. But I have this big hope that once I graduate I’ll be able to afford to have my own apartment and decorate it!
Okay, enough of my rambling… I hope you have an amazing Wednesday and thanks so much for reading, as always! xoxo

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