Pink embroidered tunic dress

Toss Designs pink embroidered tunic dress Easy to wear summer dresses | Adored by Alex Rose Gold Handmade Palm Beach Sandals Creative Chateau shoot location, Houston Texas | Adored by Alex Pink embroidered tunic dress by Toss Designs Pink velvet settee, Creative Chateau Houston, Texas Palm Beach Sandals for all seasons
Good morning, y’all! It’s been so hot and steamy in Houston, I finally got smart and booked a studio to shoot some outfits and various projects inside. What a difference a/c makes thanks to the Creative Chateau! I’ve been wearing this outfit non-stop, so I figured it’s time to finally post it on the blog. This pretty in pink embroidered tunic dress and my Palm Beach Sandals have been on heavy rotation.
Dress (via Abientot Houston) // Sandals c/o (use code ALEX25 for $25 off any pair of sandals!) // Earrings // Hermes bracelet (gently-used option)
Something I’ve truly enjoyed about blogging is getting introduced to new brands as well as supporting smaller, often local businesses. Until recently, I hadn’t heard of Toss Designs, an accessories and gift company. They have a  brick & mortar shop, which I got to check out recently in San Francisco (see my SF city guide here). I snapped up this darling pink embroidered tunic dress by Toss Designs, here in Houston at one of my favorite local boutiques, à bientôt.
Another brand I recently learned about and want to share is Palm Beach Sandals. If you’ve been following along here for sometime, then you’ll know that I wear these woven sandals all the time. Albeit, they are by a competitor to Palm Beach Sandals. Palm Beach Sandals reached out and asked if I’d like to try a pair of their sandals, and I’ve been wearing them non-stop since they sent my pair!
Let’s cut to the chase. Palm Beach Sandals are still handmade and family-owned, today! There’s something to be said about hand-crafted and family-owned anything in today’s day and age. Check out this graphic below… 
Solely off of the image above, you can see the difference in quality of Palm Beach Sandals vs. their competitors. I’m not just saying this because Palm Beach Sandals sent me a pair of sandals. I’m saying this as a true consumer, who has purchased multiple pairs of the competitor’s sandals. My feet were hurting. I was experiencing immense feet-aches and the soles of my heels were killing me.
Now, that’s not the case after wearing Palm Beach Sandals. I can truly tell that my arch and soles of my feet are feeling better in these handmade, high-quality sandals. Perhaps it’s because the shank of Palm Beach Sandals is made of metal and not wood – meaning it won’t break with wear, but instead bends with the foot movement! Plus, the bottom soles are made of leather and not plastic, meaning no more slipping.
Honestly, I won’t be purchasing a pair of the competitor’s sandals ever again. I’m a Palm Beach Sandals convert, and I hope you will be too!  Snag a pair for yourself, at $25 off, with code ALEX25 at checkout! Shop the latest styles here and shop the original, classic styles here.

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