Paisley Printed Maxi Dress

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We’re in the dog days of summer y’all, and I really am struggling wanting to wear much more than easy breezy dresses that breathe in this Houston heat and humidity. You don’t often catch me wearing maxi dresses here on the blog, but this paisley printed maxi dress can’t be beat. Best part, it’s under $25!
Maxi dress (under $25!) // Sandals (on sale!) // Goyard tote (gently used option here) // Earrings // Sunglasses
Everyone and their mom has been raving about Amazon fashion finds. I personally was rather skeptical. But, after countless Instastories and posts around the web about how wonderful the Amazon fashion finds are, I decided to take the plunge. I mean, finding some fashion steals at cheap prices, and shipped via Prime, is totally a game changer.
Let me be clear though, you need to read the reviews! I think just as with any other fashion brand, everyone is going to have different opinions on quality, and shopping for clothing on Amazon is no different. I mean, this paisley printed maxi dress is under $25. So truth be told, I really didn’t expect much. But after combing through the reviews for this dress and other similar ones, I decided to click add to cart.
One other tip, your steamer will be your best friend upon receiving Amazon fashion pieces. This dress came bunched up in a bag, which was worrisome. I pulled out my steamer, gave it a steam and viola! Perhaps I set the bar low, but this dress definitely exceeded my expectations. Plus, for someone who is 5’3, I was thrilled that it didn’t need hemming. So if you have a beach trip in the works or just want a dress that’ll wear well in the heat, then this maxi is for you!

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