Painting roses and other stories

So, the weekend came and went and we had a wonderful outing at Birmingham on Saturday and went out Indian grocery shopping on a foggy and chilly Sunday. I went a little cold with all the cold and shivering obviously. I will share more on the trip later this week and about a funny little incident.
Today though I wanted to share about an obsession I've gotten into, watercolour painting. Mainly fashion illustrations. It happened that I signed up for a free online class on Skillshare (It's wonderful, the videos are high quality and the artists genuine and to top it off, they are all free). You will need to upgrade with some fee if want to watch the videos full screen, but I found it was alright with the small ones too (unless you are taking a miniature things making class or something :)
I have had this obsession come and go, but it came to the fore with this class again and I jumped at my Pinterest board.
Here are some looks I found super inspiring, which would be lovely to practice for this class.
Or this Sonam Kapoor in Dolce and Gabanna look for Cannes:
So I am gonna give it a try and keep you posted on the progress I make. As it usually happens I go down a rabbit hole to a slew of videos on watercolor painting. Here is a particularly adorable one painting loose flowers. I was pretty scared at the beginning thinking this going to turn out awful, but miraculously the artist turns it into something worth to look at.
Enjoy and have a great Monday!

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