Packing Essentials for a Winter Trip To London

packing essentials for winter trip to london
If there’s one packing list I have down, it’s my ‘what to pack for London‘ one. Now that I’ve spent such a good amount of time there – both short and long-term – I have a good sense of what’s a must and what isn’t. It changes season to season, of course, but I basically have a running list of what to pack per time of year.
I’m heading across the pond on Monday evening, and since it’s obviously winter there, I’m pulling out that particular list. I get a lot of questions about London, from where to eat to what to pack, and I thought it was time I specifically covered the winter list. Now, I will say, I never find London’s weather to be as nasty as it’s reputation, though winter is prettyyyy dang cold & rainy. However, I don’t mind one bit, especially coming from sunny-all-time Jacksonville. In fact, I love it!
packing essentials for winter trip to londonpacking essentials for winter trip to london
Okay … let’s get down to the packing list, shall we? You’ll notice that every single thing on my list is from my friends at Walmart. From their holiday fashion items to winter travel essentials, they really have some amazing items to consider. I was actually able to snag a few of these items last minute, too, since Walmart offers their amazing ‘shop online, pick up in-store’ feature that I love taking advantage of. Perfect for those last-minute needs or when you realize your umbrella has gone missing, ha! My biggest tip for London this time of year is to BE PREPARED. So, definitely check this list with your own, and go grab anything you’re missing because the below is essential.

What to Pack for a Winter Trip to London

packing essentials for winter trip to london
LAYER-ABLE SWEATERS – The sweater that I’m wearing in these photos is absolutely coming with me. Walmart has such cute options at a great price point and I’ve snagged quite a few for my London trips. I like to grab a couple of layer-able [if it’s not a word, I’m making it a word, okay? hah!] sweaters so that they fit decently under jackets that I’ll call out below.
UMBRELLA – As mentioned above, the weather can be wet in London this time of year. I would snag this cute option and bring it in your carry-on in case there are issues with luggage. Packing one of these is something I’ve never regretted! They called them ‘brollies’ in the U.K., by the way! #insiderscoop
ANKER PORTABLE POWER PACK – This right here is the best, most lightweight portable charger and doesn’t take up a lot of space. I have had one for years and it has never let me down. Charge it every other day of your trip and you’re set. Opt for the bigger one and you won’t have to go as long between charges but, it is a bit heavier to carry around all day.
anker portable charger, packing essential for winter trip to london
HUNTER BOOTS – Again, rain. I have had these classic boots for years and they hold up phenomenally. While you might not have to wear these every day, the more prepared you are, the happier you’ll be if the weather isn’t the prettiest.
CANON POWERSHOT G7x MARK ii – I might be a little biased but London may be the prettiest city ever and you will want to snap some pics! I adore this travel-friendly camera & accessories kit and I may or may not be starting to use it to vlog my trips!
JACK BLACK LIP BALM WITH SPF – From the flight to the weather, my skin takes a bit of a beating. To cure the potential cracked lip situation, I apply this balm a few times a day. It’s so hydrating and it was SPF 25. The mint is my favorite.
DOWN JACKET – Layers are key, bring options, and let one of them be a down jacket like this $14 one. A hood is a must.
trench coat, packing essential for winter trip to london
TRENCH COAT – This trench coat [mine, pictured above, is old] is a great option if it’s warmer one day, by some small miracle! It’s a great way to hide your tourist status, if I’m honest, ha! I mean, come on … Londoners, essentially, invented the classic trench coat. I love this olive one.
WARM, THICK SOCKS – Packing multiple pairs will serve you well, I can assure you! I loooove this neutral set that I snagged this week.
SLIPPERS – PRO TIP: always pack your own slippers for winter travel. Whether you’re in a hotel or staying in someone’s home, it’s an added touch of comfort that I never forget to bring. It’s perfect for snuggling up in with hot tea after a long day in the rain, too.
LEGGINGS OR TIGHTS, PREFERABLY FLEECE LINED – These are an absolute must! I wear these leggings under jeans for added warmth.
packing essentials for winter trip to london
HEADWEAR – Earmuffs, a beanie, whatever … it just needs to be warm. I think this is an area that a lot of people underestimate when traveling somewhere cold this time of year. Don’t be that person. I snagged this beanie that I’m wearing in these shots and it’s beyond cute and cozy.
LUGGAGE – This is obviously not specific to London, but wanted to share this luggage set since it’s an amazing deal and could be a great gift for someone on your list.
COMFORTABLE SHOES – I’d also say packing comfortable shoes you know you can stand walking around in, as it’s a large city and there’s lots to see, would be smart. I opt for flat knee-high or over the knee boots and warm knee-high socks, typically. Maybe consider these, these or these!
Alright, friends, I’m off to finish up packing and to do a little more computer work before the weekend. Hope this list serves you well if you have London or any colder city destination on your travel agenda. Have a wonderful weekend! xo.

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