One-Shouler Lilac Sweater

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We made it to Thanksgiving week, y’all! Who else is ready for the holiday hustle? It’s pretty cold here in Texas and going to be through the holiday. I’ll certainly be packing this cozy one-shoulder lilac sweater for Turkey Day!
One-shoulder ribbed sweater // Denim // Slide loafers (currently 20% off) // Earrings c/o // Sunglasses // Mini top-handle purse c/o // Large bracelet cuff // Small bracelet cuff // Station bracelet
Not only is this one-shoulder lilac sweater ultra cozy, but the color is so beautiful! I normally never wear much color during the fall and winter, as I tend to gravitate much more to neutral browns and blacks. However, I saw this sweater last month and knew I had to have it. I’m such a fan of lilacs and lavenders, and just now have been seeing them popping up for fall and winter, too.
My favorite part about this sweater is it’s actually a one shoulder. So no weird slouching, no falling off my shoulder, because the sweater is truly made as a one shoulder! Perhaps it takes the right person to wear the style, or the right personality, but I’m all for the proper one shoulder… that stays on your shoulder.
I hadn’t ever really thought leopard print and lilac as a viable color combination, but as a fluke (because I forgot the shoes I had originally planned on wearing in this outfit shoot), I put the two together and absolutely love it! I definitely am down to pairing this one-shoulder lilac sweater with this leopard print clutch I have, too.

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