Back on track talking one of my favourite Winter wardrobe staples, can you guess?
         | December 15, 2022
Hi guys! Sorry for the extreme radio silence again.. But I don't think that you guys need an explanation anymore. Thanks for being so patience with me anyway - high five! :)
So what do we have 'on repeat' today? My all-time favourite woolen camel coat; I think I've wrote something about this one almost every year! Would you say that I have this coat since I was 16 years old? That means it would be its 5th anniversary this Winter (hooray), talking about timeless wardrobe pieces!
I'm wearing it with a pair of ponyhair ankleboots, leather pants and my new (party!) clutch from Reiss. But it would look good with anything else, really, whether you're wearing slouchy pants with Adidas trainers or ripped jeans with stilleto heels. You know they say black suits with everything- but same goes for the camel coat as well!
What is your favourite way to wear a camel coat?

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