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TOP   camo shirt   |   SHOES  h heeled sandals  |   BAG   monogrammed barrington tote bag   |   JEANS  vineyard vines skinny jeans  |   BELT   hermes belt  |   EARRINGS  gold hoop earrings
Hardy har har… another lame "camo" joke. (Did you see this post title?) But I couldn’t resist introducing this outfit with it!
Over the past couple of years, I’ve started to enjoy (surprisingly) incorporating camo into my wardrobe here and there. I think it’s such a fun, fall pattern that always comes across as unique. Plus, whenever I buy a camo shirt to wear out and about, it always makes it’s way to the ranch as well! :)
I scooped up this one for just $15 here. Since it’s a pretty recognizable pattern, I loved the price point. Perfect for adding this to your arsenal if you’re still a bit unsure about it! Paired with white jeans and tan accents, I think it looks really crisp and cool.
One thing to note about this top… it’s pretty short (I was justtt able to tuck it into my jeans) and the material is pretty thin. Do keep that in mind if you plan on ordering!
Here are some other camo pieces I’m loving…
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