Nova’s Play Kitchen (IKEA Hack)

Hello, friends! Today, I’m excited to share the IKEA play kitchen we made for Nova’s Christmas gift. I was highly inspired by Laura’s project and also Molly’s from Almost Makes Perfect. I spent so much time scrolling Pinterest looking at ALL the beautiful versions of this project people have done and it’s amazing. I love that so many people have customized them in different ways. It’s a thing!
For most people, a big part of it is to try to make the play kitchen look sort of like your own home. So I did the gold hardware and also used some leftover wallpaper (it’s actually the wallpaper we used in our kiddo bathroom). Beyond that, I kept it mostly neutral since our mini kitchen will now live in our real kitchen and our kitchen is mostly neutral.
I was able to use a lot of items we already had for Nova’s kitchen. The stand mixer and espresso maker were gifts she received last Christmas (I painted them to match) and the play food was a shower gift that we used in her outdoor space all summer. The plush vegetables in the basket are from IKEA, as well.
We stored more play food and more plates and accessories in the cabinet. I tried to minimize the amount of plastic I was purchasing for this and there were SO many cute wood options!
These utensils are here and here. We did drill holes in all the utensils so we could add strings and hang them along the backsplash.
I painted two burners with a gold paint pen.
If you want to see how to do the undermount sink, I got that idea from Laura’s and I got the idea for the wood knobs (in front of the stove) from Molly’s. The main things I added to make ours unique was the wallpaper and the wood stars, which were glued to the front cabinet and then painted white to match.
I’m sure I will add more and make tweaks if she seems to be using it a lot … I really hope she loves it!
So happy with how this turned out! It really is a dream come true to make customized toys for Nova! If you have any questions, let me know and Collin and I can help you figure it out!
Thanks so much for reading! xx. Elsie

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