New York Fashion Week for the Right Reasons

Washington DC Style Blogger wears a buffalo plaid checked coat, cropped flare denim, and sock boots
If you’ve been following along over the last few years, you know that I make it a point to attend some shows during New York Fashion Week. Going to Fashion Week was a dream I’ve had since high school: I interned at a few big fashion houses my junior year of college and got the chance to work several shows, and after my internship wrapped, I commuted to NYFW during my senior year to assist with more shows as well. 
I always thought I would end up at NYFW on the PR side, AKA, putting together the shows. While interning, I found that fashion PR wasn’t necessarily the best fit for me, and I gravitated toward marketing roles after graduating from college. I had no idea I’d end up going to NYFW as a blogger, but here I am.
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What Are the Bad Reasons to Go to NYFW?
My friend Dana has talked about this in the past, but after going to NYFW as a blogger for a few seasons, I’ve become a little disheartened. It’s become a circus, and people aren’t focusing on why Fashion Week exists in the first place: to preview new collections from designers that have spent countless months designing them. For some bloggers (not all), they view it as a week to dress up, be seen at parties, and capitalize on the free swag brands and showrooms hand out. Not. Cool.
I hit my breaking point this weekend when I was scrolling in a Facebook group for bloggers who are headed to NYFW. Someone replied to my comment: "Am I the only person who goes to NYFW and doesn’t care about the shows?"
Instead of people disagreeing with this blogger, other girls chimed in to say how much they disliked going to shows. One girl wrote, "I hate how they always run late and only last for 10 minutes." Another: "I like going to NYFW mainly for the parties and the chance to explore NYC."
Honestly? I was embarrassed to call myself a blogger at that very minute. As someone who’s worked countless amounts of hours producing these shows, I would be pretty livid honestly if I had ungrateful bloggers taking up seats at the show I worked on. I’d opt to invite someone else that would have appreciated the experience and was willing to cover it.
Not All Bloggers Have This Mindset
Despite the examples I’ve shared above, there are thousands of other bloggers who appreciate a good show: myself included. I remember watching Style Network (RIP) in middle/high school, and watching the runway shows they’d put up late at night. I started my first actual blog on Myspace (RIP) where I would round up some of the best trends I spotted on the runway. Other bloggers at NYFW think I’m odd for actually bringing my DSLR camera into the shows, and not taking grainy cell phone photos of the clothes. I’ve had some other bloggers teach me the right settings to use on my DSLR so that I, myself, could capture gorgeous runway images. We’ll sit and catch up after the shows, and buzz over what our favorite looks were and what trends we’re frequently seeing on the runways. Not all of us are bad.
A Wake-Up Call
To my fellow bloggers: PR companies and print magazines are already on the fence about us. Blogging is a pretty oversaturated field as well. If you don’t enjoy going to shows, don’t accept an invite from a brand. Let someone else who genuinely cares go and cover the experience. If you’re on the fence about going to a show, look up the designer: see if they fit your brand. If they don’t, politely decline. Again: there are thousands of bloggers who would gladly take your spot, and likely enjoy the experience. And lastly, in your recaps? It wouldn’t hurt to share details about the shows you went to. As much as I love seeing a good Fashion Week OOTD, quite often I see bloggers only talk about themselves in NYFW recaps, and not about any of the trends they spotted during the week.