NEW 20.07.2022 Summer dress

I wanted to present you a photo session that I did for the first time after the lockdown when the coronavirus was announced. My friend and I went to a very beautiful place in Warsaw. This is the bridge near Karowa Street. You can see it when you go to Warsaw and are near the Bristol hotel. This bridge is located in this area.
It's been a long time since I took lookbook-style photos. That's why I asked my friend for a summer dress to blow it cool to take cool photos frozen in motion, i.e. street fashion. Of course, my friend makes her debut as a model, but listening to my instructions and tips on how to pose, she does a great job. This is our next day and with each passing day she is getting better and better as a beginner model.
Of course, my friend works in a different industry, i.e. PR and marketing. But she would like to try herself as a model, to have her own portfolio. I think you can try, but I don't promise anything, because designers and other people from the fashion industry are very promising.
This session was like spending some free weekend time. Let's enjoy the outdoors while we can. Because there are high chances that the restrictions related to the coronavirus and wearing masks may come back soon.