My Surgical Scar

Altar'd State Wish You Were Here Sunhat
Aerie DIY Cha Cha Bikini Top and High Waisted Bottom in Leaf Green
Script Sunhat for the Pool and Beach
Aerie Real Campaign Summer 2017
Big Mouth Swan Pool Float
Wish You Were Here Floppy Hat
Aerie Triangle Bikini Top in Flesh Bright
The Apollo DC Rooftop Pool
Bikini Top and Bottom ℅ Aerie | Hat: ℅ Altar’d State (Similar) | Sunglasses: Karen Walker | Swan Pool Float: ℅ Big Mouth
World: I’d like to introduce you to my surgical scar.
I have a rare, hereditary blood disorder (it’s called hereditary spherocytosis, if you’re curious!), and I had to have my spleen removed at the age of 8. I was left with a pretty gnarly scar on my stomach as a result, and it’s something that’s made me a little self-conscious ever since. For the longest time I wore one-pieces and tankinis (LOL — do y’all remember when those were in style?), and I avoided bikinis like the plague.
It took a nudge and some encouragement from a good friend at the end of my high school career to make me realize: scars are pretty darn cool. Scars tell your story, and it’s something that’s unique to you. Instead of covering up my surgical scar, I finally started to embrace bikinis, and the crop top trend. Why hide something that’s a part of me?
I teamed up with Aerie over on Instagram this summer for their Aerie REAL campaign. If you post a swim pick and use the hashtag #AerieREAL, they’ll donate $1 to NEDA. Pretty cool, huh? It also doesn’t have to be an Aerie swimsuit to qualify! But honestly, I would pick one up this summer because their swimwear is so affordable, trendy and adorable. I’ve been rocking their swimsuits for years, and I have no plans on stopping anytime soon!
Love the swim you’re in, friends!

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