My Pregnancy Essentials

My Pregnancy Essentials

My Pregnancy Essentials
Dress: Hatch x J Crew (wearing a S/M) and I also own it in pink (seen here) | Earrings | Bag: Chanel Small Coco Handle
As I’m entering week 40 of my pregnancy, I wanted to do a little roundup of pregnancy essentials that I couldn’t be without. Some of these items are things you may have seen me mention time and time again, but I figured it was easier to have them all in one place for easy reference!
My Pregnancy Essentials
Blazer: Old Theory | Tee: ASOS Tee | Leggings: H&M | Sneaker: Axel Arigato | Bag: Small Chanel Trendy CC | Sunglasses:  Celine Tilda


Maternity Spanx |

I wore a lot of dresses this pregnancy and I relied heavily on these Spanx. They helped smooth things out and created a nice, seamless look. Also, with certain fitted dresses, underwear (whether you wear full booty or thongs), create major VPL (visible panty lines) which I am not about, so this really helped with that situation. Yes, I often wore them without underwear, especially when wearing fitted dresses, and would just machine wash them after. TMI? Maybe.

H&M Leggings |

I’ve lived in these leggings (wearing above). I got two pairs and they’ve been in constant rotation for everything from lounging around the house to creating stylish, comfy outfits around.

Lululemon Joggers |

They’re not maternity, but the waistband is soft, stretchy and I found them to be incredibly comfortable throughout my entire pregnancy. I wore them to workout or when I just wanted something to lounge around in.

ASOS Tees |

I do own a variety of maternity tees, but I find that these (wearing above) look the most stylish and "cool." I have a few from the GAP and while I do wear them as a layering piece or when I’m just hanging, I don’t particularly love the neck on those. I ended up getting several of the ASOS tees in both black and white and wearing them throughout this entire pregnancy.

Over-the-Belly Skinny Jeans |

These were my favorite jeans this pregnancy. In the past, I relied on Citizens of Humanity, but this time around, I reached for these a lot more this time around. Also, I should mention that I’m someone that prefers over the belly as I find it creates more of a seamless look and is more flattering on my body-type. I have some friends that prefer below the belly, so I’d recommend trying on both to see what works for you.
I also wore Madewell over-the-belly jeans in black, but for whatever reason, I found the blue wash so much more comfortable. The black ones tended to slip and fall down a lot more, whereas, I didn’t find that with the blue wash. I still wore both, but it’s worth noting.

White Sneakers |

I reached for my Axel Arigato’s (wearing above) and Golden Goose sneakers more than any other footwear. Between being pregnant and running after a toddler, comfort was key. Luckily for all of us, they look chic with everything from skirts to leggings.

Chanel Flats |

Towards the end of my pregnancy, I wanted another flats option that didn’t require laces and that still made me feel stylish. I found these on the RealReal and decided to treat myself before baby #2. They’re instantly comfortable elevate even the most basic outfit, including my truly $12 H&M leggings.

Party or Event Dressing |

If you have an event, whether a party or your own baby shower, I loved Susana Monaco dresses. I’ve worn both the maternity and non-maternity styles. For non-maternity, I’d just size up from a small to a medium (75% of the time)  or a large, depending on how far along I was in my pregnancy. Some of my favorites include: this sleek turtleneck dress, their long sleeved dress (if you’re having a girl and want to dress in theme for a baby shower, the blush could be a great option) and their off-the-shoulder maternity dress. I also really utilized ASOS Maternity for dresses. The site can definitely be overwhelming and hit or miss, but if I ordered 10 things and ended up with 2 that I liked, I called that a successful order.

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