My jewelry capsule.

It’s no secret that I am a huge, huge fan of capsules. But did you know you can have a capsule for more than just your clothes and shoes? It’s true! I use capsule principles all over my life/house, everywhere from my kitchen, to the bathroom. My beauty products, makeup, etc. are all carefully curated capsules, it’s seriously the greatest and it makes my life so easy. Today I want to share my jewelry capsule with you, as well as a couple tips for styling and stacking your jewelry capsule as well!
A few years ago when I did what I have lovingly come to call "The Great Purge," and moved to a capsule based wardrobe, I also purged all my jewelry. And I have to be honest, there wasn’t a lot left. Like the rest of my closet, I had been buying jewelry impulsively. Anything I thought was cute, or saw on someone else I would purchase, and then I ended up wearing almost none of it, ever. It also felt like this big daunting amount of "stuff" in my jewelry box that I never felt like I wanted to wear. I hadn’t been thoughtfully or intentionally curating my jewelry, so I had a lot of stuff I didn’t like and never wore.
Once I purged all my jewelry with the rest of my wardrobe, I started over. But this time with the intent to slowing curate a jewelry capsule full of pieces that I loved, could wear a lot of different ways, and were classic and well made rather than trendy. Just like moving my clothing over to a capsule system, doing so with my jewelry has made my life so much easier, and bonus, I actually like my jewelry and wear it a lot more and am more creative with it than I was before when I had 10x the amount.

What’s in my jewelry capsule:

I’ll worn you now, this won’t feel like a lot (especially because my jewelry capsule is very edited) but as is the case with clothing capsules, less definitely equals more: time, money, quality and creativity. Here’s what’s in my jewelry capsule:
Brook and York: celeste pendant necklace set.
Brook and York Celeste half toggle necklace set.
B&Y coordinates bar necklace.
B&Y Sofia name choker.
Kate Spade Initial necklace.
B&Y Maren ring.
B&Y ring stack.
Madewell circle ring.
Diamond Earrings Craig got me for our 8th anniversary.
B&Y gold Lexi hoops.
I told you, very simple. But it serves me very well. You probably noticed a lot of Brook and York pieces in there. That’s because when I find a jewelry brand I love, I stick to it like glue… Same with my closet too. ;-). Now let’s talk styling tips!

A few tips for styling jewelry:

My number 1 tip for styling jewelry is to pick a leading lady. It is really easy for accessories to start looking cluttered or busy if there are too many focal pieces, so choose one piece to be the stand-out and then keep the rest of it simple. So if I am doing a necklace stack, I pick a statement and a simple piece and pair them together. It’s always a win. Same concept works for rings and earrings. If I am wearing statement earrings, I’ll pull my hair back and wear a basic necklace so the earrings can do the talking.
Tip 2: When stacking jewelry try to vary the sizes, length etc. For example, if I’m wearing two necklaces I always make sure the lengths are varied. One should be at least a couple inches shorter than the other. If I am wearing multiple rings I’ll choose different band thicknesses, or textures.
Tip 3: Mix metals! Another great way to add visual interest to versatile pieces is to mix metals. Try mixing silver and gold, it’s such a fun combination!
Tip 4: Pin your hair back! Try a ponytail or a little chignon with some French pins when you’re wearing a great pair of earrings (especially gold hoops!). It really draws the eye up and lets the jewelry have it’s moment.

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