My Go-To Lipsticks

The "Everyday" Shade
The "Going Out" Shade
The "Trend" Shade
I have to admit: lipsticks are kind of the MVP of my beauty cabinet. Seriously, over the past year I just noticed that a great lipstick is the best finishing touch to any ensemble I have. It just makes me look polished and put together, unlike any kind of makeup.
Last year I had a custom lipstick made just for me by Makeup Meltdown, and this year they’ve revamped and introduced a super exciting, semi-custom lipstick line! Think of this as a Netflix or Birchbox of just lipsticks!
LIPP Beautifully’s Fan Program is really simple: each month you’re shipped three different sample shades of lipstick colors that will work for you, based on your hair and skin tone. One is an everyday shade, one is a going out shade, and one is a "trend" shade that’s for the bold fashionistas. You can try all three shades and decide which one(s) you’d like a full tube of, and you get to pick out what type of tube you’d like and what finish you’d prefer (cream, matte or sheer).
I honestly loved all three shades so much, so I decided to snag every shade that was in my LIPP Fan box. I have to say that I’ve been rocking my "trend" shade on the regular — it’s such a fun, vibrant cherry red that’s ideal for the summer! I opted for this shade in a matte, and it stays on all-day. Even when I’m brunching, wining, dining, you name it, this lipstick stays put!

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