My Favorite Thing: The Quilted Handbag

Shelby from Shell B Cheri asked me and a few of my other favorite local bloggers (Waverly, Liz and Carmen) what our absolute favorite piece in our closet was. I had to think long and hard about what item out of the hundreds I own stands out the most to me. Did I value the crazy statement pieces in my closet, or the classic timeless items?
I decided to go with a classic. I bought myself this Rebecca Minkoff quilted crossbody as a college graduation present earlier this year. I love that the cognac color goes with everything; and I don't have to think about slinging it over my shoulder when I'm running out the door. You can never go wrong with quilted leather, and as long as I don't wear it out too much, I feel that it's a piece that I will have in my closet forever, maybe even be able to pass down to my own (stylish) daughters!