My Favorite High-Protein Snacks for Busy Lifestyles

On the go snack ideas with Cracker Barrel Cheese at Kroger Best snacks for on the go lifestyles Cracker Barrel cheese & pretzel snacks at Kroger
What is your daily routine like? As an entrepreneur my schedule can be totally different from one week to the other, or even one day to the next. With that being said, some days I find myself away from my desk for hours on end. That means I need snacks that fit my on the go lifestyle, and keep me satisfied until I’m back home.
I’m not sure about you, but one of my favorite go-to snacks has, and always will be cheese. Whether it be on a charcuterie board or a simple slice with a few pretzels, I’ve always turned to cheese for a snack that offers a bit of protein and satisfaction.On the go snack ideas with Cracker Barrel cheese
When there are so many different options out there, why not turn to a brand that’s been the signature of cheese lovers since 1954? Cracker Barrel has been a constant staple in our household, and before that in my home growing up.
Recently I was introduced to Cracker Barrel snack options and have loved their versatility in my on-the-go lifestyle. Whether it be the Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese Sticks, Cheese Dip and Pretzels, Pairing Boards or Rich and Bold Cubes, each satisfies and offers a tasty alternative to regular snack options.Cracker Barrel cheese snack options for on the go lifestyles
When I drive around Houston, and often am stuck in traffic, I like to grab a Cracker Barrel cheese stick to eat on the go. Cheese sticks have always been one of my favorite on-the-go snacks. Even my mom used to include them in my lunch box growing up! The sharp flavor and ease of eating makes them some of my snack favorites.
Favorite high-protein snacks for busy lifestyles | Adored by Alex
Favorite high-protein snacks for busy lifestyles, Cracker Barrel cheese
Some days I find myself without enough time to make it home in between meetings. When that happens, I bring along the Cheese and Pretzel Dippers (Bold Sharp Cheddar cheese dip paired with pretzel crisps) or the new Pairing Boards (I love the one with Extra Sharp Yellow Cheddar, Pepperoni Slices and Butter Crackers) for a more substantial and satisfying snack. Each are easy to throw in my bag, pull out and enjoy on-the-go.easy cheese snack ideas for on the go lifestyles
The new Cracker Barrel Rich & Bold Cubes though have quickly become my favorites. I can pop one of the 2oz bags into my tote and carry it along with me for a bite in between meetings or events. They’re also perfect to stock up on in preparation for family and friend gatherings at home–use them on your appetizer platters!
So whether you’re on the go, like me, or sitting behind a desk at an office, Cracker Barrel’s latest snacking options are certainly a satisfying treat! You can find all of these Cracker Barrel options at your neighborhood Kroger store. Happy snacking!