My Easy Non-Maternity Maternity Uniform

It wasn’t till I looked back at these photos while working on this blog post that I was like damn, your girl officially has popped! I thought I was going to talk in this post about why I love this color block long cardigan (which I do) but after more thought, this look is more than that. Say hello to my easy non-maternity maternity uniform. I didn’t even know I had one! But alas, when none of your pants fit and long layers are life, this is the look you get!
But whether you’re rocking a maternity bump or not, pretty sure we’ve all worn some version of this outfit at some point in our life. Especially during these cooler months. You know, that outfit you throw on when you want to look put together but another super fitted or fancy is just too much work. You can never go wrong with a classic button-down shirt, long cardigan and of course, dark wash jeans. Foolproof and easy. God, now that I look at this look more I totally feel like a mom with my big giant tote bag too. Ha! Guess shit is getting real, y’all! This really is an official maternity uniform huh?
But going back to my original point of this post, this color block long cardigan is so good y’all. You may remember I wore a super similar version of this sweater from Madewell in a previous blog post and clearly, needed it in more colors. It’s that good! The cardigan is super soft and yes, would make an awesome gift to give (or get) this season. I’m in the XS for size reference but I feel like with oversized sweaters like this, you can get away with sizing up for someone. Who doesn’t like a layer like this a little bigger/cozier?

But Speaking Of A Maternity Uniform…

Y’all know I’m new to this whole pregnancy thing. Just getting used to my new body/bump is a HUGE adjustment. I miss my old high waisted jeans and shirts that no longer fit. RIP half my wardrobe. Ha! But with that, if you have any recommendations for great maternity brands, or even non-maternity pieces that you swore/swear by during pregnancy please let me know in the comments below. Hoping other moms to be can use this as a resource too as we all try to navigate our personal style and fashion choices while our body changes daily. Can’t wait to see what y’all share, your girl needs help!

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