Mixing Prints

So, this is a new record for me… usually, I only mix two prints. But today I’m mixing three! I decided to think out of the box and pair leopard with stripes and camo. I actually love the way it looks together! I’m also super duper excited to be a brand rep for Monica’s Closet Essentials. This vest I’m wearing is from there and is probably one of my favorite things in my closet right now! You can get 10% off your whole purchase by using the code ‘FASHIONISTA10′ – also make sure to follow her on Instagram to keep up with the latest arrivals and to also help Monica ‘be the buyer!’ I absolutely love everything at Shop MCE and can’t wait to show you what we have in store for you! Make sure to check out her website and let me know what you’re loving. :) By the way, I was extremely hot taking these pictures, which explains why there’s only a few and why I look like my face is falling off. Because, it kind of was. Miami, please get cold, soon.

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