Mind Over Matter with Gap Factory

Colorful printed workout leggings chic workout outfit mind over matter graphic workout tank stay motivated with cute workout clothes Women's Nike sneakers, Juvenate black Motivated to workout in GapFit cute workout outfit for winter
Jacket c/o // Tank c/o // Leggings c/o // Sneakers // Socks // Sports bra // Fitbit // iPhone case
I love a good workout. And when the new year rolls around I inevitably feel even more compelled to workout, do you? Wearing cute workout clothes totally helps me stay motivated, and the GapFit by Gap Factory line totally fits the bill.
A few months before our wedding, I started going to Orange Theory. It is so tough, but I am hooked! Because it’s a high-intensity and energy workout, I have realized just which pieces of my workout outfit fits my needs and which don’t.
Specifically, the leggings I wear to Orange Theory have to be tight, but not too constricting. Plus I need them to stay up when running. These GapFit leggings by Gap Factory are awesome. I love the colorful pattern – not too obnoxious but with a subtle hint of color.
There are so many different GFit pants to choose from, ranging for all workout needs.
In these cooler months, I’ve also liked wearing layers to my workout class. I’ll start with a pullover or jacket and usually take it off midway through and wear just a tank underneath – I never knew I could sweat so much thanks to circuit training!
I love a good graphic tank with a motivating saying to both inspire myself and the others working out around me. I’ve received so many compliments on this simple racerback.
Even though our wedding is over, I’m still sticking with Orange Theory and high-intensity workouts. When I can’t make it to a class, Rick and I try to take our pup Lucy on long walks around the neighborhood to rack up the steps on our Fitbits.
Coupled with healthy eating habits, I cut out almost all carbs and alcohol before our wedding and have continued post-wedding too, a few cute workout outfits can really motivate a girl to be healthy and fit!
I hope you find some awesome workout options for your needs, checkout the full GapFit by Gap Factory line here.