All my current favorites in one look! I remember this was one of the rare days in Holland when it was so warm I almost ended up roasted after we were done shooting in the afternoon. We picked up some sweet strawberries (thank you for thinking I'm cute LOL - I'm actually the opposite, hashtag devil on my shoulder) afterwards and sat by the sidewalk enjoying the sun.. Sight, good days, good days.. * staring out into the rainy scenery*
I bought these silver summer pumps a while back and I absolutely love them - some of my friends think they're bloody awful - but I think they a quite the cherry on top of a cake; They make a (simple) outfit, just like this one I'm wearing.
I haven't had the chance to wear them very often yet, but I believe they would look great too under a linen white dress or a straight cut jeans. Would this be something that you would buy?
Happy Tuesday!

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