Make A Clay Petal Planter

Make a Clay Petal Planter
Make a Clay Petal PlanterA month or so ago as I was getting my nightly Instagram fix, I stumbled upon the prettiest cake by Katherine Sabbath. Her cake featured a rainbow of icing colors smeared onto a white cake like delicate petals and I was immediately obsessed. Although I love to bake, there is no way I could ever recreate her cake, so I instead turned to my trusty medium of polymer clay and created a planter inspired by this amazing cake. I wasn’t sure exactly how I was going to replicate a cake as a planter, but after a little trial and error, I came up with the perfect method to create the petal look. Now I have a cute and colorful new planter to add to my growing collection!
Make a Clay Petal PlanterMaterials:
-polymer clay in an assortment of colors
-concrete or ceramic planter (you use any planter that you want, I actually cast this one from a mold that I have, but there are similar ones at the craft store)
-palette knife
Make a Clay Petal PlanterStep 1: Begin by making a small pea-sized ball of clay in one of your colors and place it towards the top of your planter.
Step 2: Press the palette knife into the clay and pull down to "smear" the clay into a petal shape.
Make a Clay Petal Planter
Make a Clay Petal PlanterStep 3: Repeat this process all around the top of the planter, then move down and create a second row in between the petals of the first layer. Repeat all the way down the planter, leaving a bit of planter uncovered at the bottom (this is optional as you could bring the clay all the way to the bottom if you wanted).
Step 4: Place the planter on an oven safe baking sheet and bake at 300°F for 15 minutes to set the clay. Once cooled, your planter is ready to be used.
Make a Clay Petal Planter
As you can see, the planter is not 100% perfect as each clay petal has a different look and indentation, but I think that is why I like this planter so much. And if you compare it to the cake that was the inspiration, you can see that the beauty lies in the imperfect nature of it. Now who else is feeling the need to add another planter to your home? xo. Kara

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