Lilly Pulitzer Mommy & Me Outfit + $1,500 Beauty Giveaway

Summer is such a little ray of sunshine. Her smile can make anyone’s face light up, and she brings joy to every room she enters. Yes, I realize I am an overly-proud mother, but guys, I can’t begin to describe how much of a blessing she’s been to our lives. She’s just so happy
all the time
, and her happiness is absolutely contagious. Even little things like showing her a cute dress or pretty bow will make her giggle with delight, and it helps me remember to be grateful for every little thing in my life.
As you can tell, I’ve already turned into one of those moms who gushes about her kid all the time, and I’m also the mom who wants to match her little girl. Right now, I’m fitting in
mommy and me outfits
I can manage before she gets old enough to be embarrassed of me haha! For our very first mommy and me outfit, I naturally had to pick something from Lilly Pulitzer. With a name like Summer, you just HAVE to have some Lilly in your closet! P.S. You’re gonna want to read the entire post, so that you don’t miss out on a $1,500 BEAUTY GIVEAWAY!
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Is there anything cuter than chubby cheeks and chunky legs in a
Lilly Pulitzer baby shift dress
? I don’t think so! Summer giggled and kicked her legs in glee when she saw herself in the mirror in this dress, and she is always drawn to it when it’s on the floor as I’m folding the laundry. She
crawls over to the Lilly print and starts examining the dress and, of course, taste testing it haha.
If you have a baby girl, you absolutely must consider buying them a Lilly shift. When I first had Summer, I honestly thought they were overpriced, but boy, was I wrong. While they’re on the higher side for babies (about twice the price of Target dresses), the quality is OUTSTANDING. Plus, the construction of the dress allows the babies to wear it for much longer than normal clothing. My daughter was five months old in these photos, and this dress is a
size 3-6 months
. Summer is now nearly eight months old, and the dress still fits like a charm. In case you’re wondering, she’s in the 90% for height, and she’s growing like a weed!
The key is that the dress buttons in the back, so you don’t have to fit it over your baby’s head. In that same time period, she’s gone from a size 6 months to fitting into size 12 month clothing in other brands. We still wear her two 3-6 months
Lilly Pulitzer baby dresses
on a weekly basis, and they look and feel exactly the same. They hold up great in the wash, don’t shrink, and as I mentioned before, the back button closure is seriously a game changer. They’re in such great condition that I’ll definitely be able to keep them for future children. They may be more expensive than most of the clothing she owns, but I’m telling you, there is no comparison when it comes to the quality or longevity.

Click to Shop This Lilly Pulitzer Baby Outfit

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Another thing that’s another baby must-have?
These stretchy baby bows
. We’ve tried out so many different types of bows over the past eight months, and I’m telling you, this brand knocks it out the park. They’re made out of a material that reminds me of thick tights or pantyhose, and they’re the only
baby bow headbands
that Summer will tolerate wearing for hours on end. They don’t leave any marks on her head, and the knot is adjustable, which means the headband grows with her. Again, not the cheapest baby bows, but the two we own are worn non-stop. I’m definitely going to pick up a few more colors.
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While I couldn’t find an exact match for Summer’s dress, the
Lilly Pulitzer Amina Dress in Multi-Fantasy Garden
is pretty darn close, and it’s quickly become a standout in my wardrobe. It’s comfortable, figure-flattering, and very forgiving on post-partum tummies. I was
close to buying the next size up, but the Lilly Pulitzer sales associate urged me to stick with the
Amina Dress
in the smaller size. She was right! It was comfortable in February when we took these photos, and it still looks great now in April when I’m about eight pounds lighter. If you prefer a roomier fit, I’d stick with your normal size. If you want something that fits a little slimmer on your waist, I’d size down.
It’s honestly the perfect dress because the material makes it casual and comfortable enough to wear while running errands, but the cut and design is nice enough to wear to dinner. I’ve worn this dress at least a dozen times already, and I can’t wait to repurchase it in additional prints!
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I’m pretty sure I don’t need to mention how much I adore these
gold sandals
. You’ve seen me wear them countless times, and for good reason. They’re comfortable, well-made, and the design is extremely versatile. They’re absolutely one of my most-worn pair of shoes, and they’re a classic I’ll cherish for years to come. If you’re looking for comfortable shoes, I’m telling you,
Sam Edelman
is the way to go!
Two other things I can’t recommend enough are this fun
raffia fringe clutch
Lillian & Co bracelets
. I’ve had this straw clutch with fringe for years, and it’s held up so well through many vacations. The design is so fun, and
it’s on sale right now
(and nearly sold out)  if you’re interested!
Disney quote bracelets
are new favorites that I bought this past December, and I wear them nearly every day. While they have quite a few saying available, I chose "
Have Courage And Be Kind
" and and "
Keep Moving Forward
" as my first purchases.  I absolutely LOVE them, and I just picked up two more ("
Happily Ever After
" and "
Best Day Ever
") since they’re having a
buy one, get one 50% off sale
through tomorrow. SUCH a great Mother’s Day or graduation gift idea too! You must check them out. They are so adorable, affordable, and the quality is really great for the price.
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Summer was so excited to see that we matched the first time we wore this
mommy and me outfit
, and I’m happy to say both of our Lilly Pulitzer dresses are still worn on a regular basis. Definitely worth every penny! If you’re a mama looking for cute mommy me outfit ideas, definitely check out this section at Lilly. They show ALL of the
matching outfits for moms and kids
of every size.

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