Leopard Sweater

Happy Thursday, you guys! I wore this outfit a few weeks ago and totally forgot to share. I’m usually not one to wear "boyfriend jeans" as they always seem to look too baggy on me – but I’m really loving this pair from AG. I did size down one size so that they fit a little tighter, but still have that casual feel. I LOVE them with heels – I think the juxtaposition of casual jeans with heels is really nice! Oh and this leopard cardigan sweater is so fuzzy and soft – like wearing a cloud. HIGHLY recommend
I’m starting my day out in the best possible way today – with a MASSAGE! I like to get a massage every month in the name of self care. It really does help me relax and knead out some of the tension – I carry all of my tension in my neck/shoulders and if I let it get too bad I’ll start having bad headaches or migraines!