Leather Layering at Work

Leather Layering at Work by Kathrine Eldridge, Wardrobe Stylist
Attempting some leather layering at work with this metallic clip dot blouse from Anthropologie (another Nuuly find) and my trusty leather jacket. I’ve had this jacket for several seasons and it transforms any look into something polished and cool.
Layering a leather jacket over a metallic clip dot blouse from Anthropologie. A business casual look that features a leather jacket, metallic printed blouse, and grey trousers. Wearing a leather jacket with grey flared trousers. A workwear look that features a black leather jacket layered over a metallic dot blouse.

Leather Layering at Work

A leather jacket is a must-have in every woman’s closet and you don’t have to be in a biker gang in order to have one. There are many different versions of leather jackets out here so there’s no reason to think you can’t find one to fit your style.
Wearing a leather jacket to work is a delicate matter for sure. The jacket needs to have minimal hardware details and the fit has to be just right. That’s why I love this one that I bought at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale a couple of years ago. The waterfall detail is so flattering to the eye and there are no zippers to distract the look. Even if your work environment is relaxed, you still want to look pulled together.

Summer Tops in Fall

This blouse (from my second Nuuly box) is definitely geared toward summer because of its sleeveless style and light colors. Don’t think you can’t pull your summer tops into fall! Just add a jacket, blazer, or cardigan over them to make them work overtime in your wardrobe. Usually there is some type of neutral color on the top so try to pull that color out for cohesion. In the case of this outfit, the grey trousers and the bluish-grey hue in the top work well together. I am happy to make pieces in my closet do double-duty.
Have a terrific weekend ahead! XO

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