Last bare-legged run, get yourself ready for the winter season!
         | November 12, 2022
Say bye-bye, because this is probably the last bare legged outfit you're going to see on the blog for a while from now! We here in the Netherlands actually don't have that much to complain because the weather has been quite good for us lately - especially for the time of the year as we're normally used to a lot of rainstorms during this period. Still very cold though, but the sun was shining so that makes a pretty good excuse!
We have been so busy lately with too, too many things but we finally found some time to shoot some pictures again. My mother had her surgery last week on Monday and everything went well. She did had a lot of pain the first few days when she came home but the situation has stabilized now. We're getting the results tomorrow about whether it has been disseminated and together we'll decide on what further treatment is necessary from there on.
So guys.. What I'm I wearing? Something new and something old today. I love to mix up things from previous seasons with new ones. You've probably seen this ruffle skirt in so many of my outfits but I still can't get enough of it - can you?!
Happy Wednesday everyone! :)

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